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Easy set-up, easy break down, balls bounce off rather than break in almost every case...makes reffing a breeze as rub becomes a none issue, they break down and easily fit into totes...all in all, great stuff, they pay for themselves in hours saved washing bunkers...
Randall N. Fruzza II


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Vortex Bunkers Thomas Taylor Training KitVortex Bunkers Thomas Taylor Training KitVortex Bunker Thomas Taylor Training Kit
Vortex Field in Orlando Florida
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Purchase Vortex Bunkers from the Official Vortex Bunkers Website.  Vortex Bunkers are not Vinyl Bunkers and are an alternative Bunker to popular brand names such as Sup'Air Bunkers, Airups Bunkers, Mighty Paintball Bunkers, Money Paintball Bunkers, Rhino Bunkers.  Paintball Bunkers and the use of Airball Bunkers is a necessary piece of equipment for most paintball fields.  Let us show you how Vortex Bunkers will save you money and be the only paintball bunker in the world that will pay for itself in labor savings alone.