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Easy set-up, easy break down, balls bounce off rather than break in almost every case...makes reffing a breeze as rub becomes a none issue, they break down and easily fit into totes...all in all, great stuff, they pay for themselves in hours saved washing bunkers...
Randall N. Fruzza II


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Vortex Blackout 15 Piece Team Set

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Vortex Blackout 15 Piece Team Set
Blackout Small Jumbo BrickBlackout Large BrickBlackout Orange Large BrickSmall Temple
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Vortex Bunkers Blackout Series Bunkers have been developed to ensure the Class 1 Laser or IR signals used by all the leading manufacturers are blocked.  Finally there is a truly lightweight, mobile option with self inflation that ensures your players will not be able to shoot through the barriers.  Our product has been manufacturer tested to block signals from Adventure Sports HQ, Battle Company, iCombat to name a few of the larger companies.  While we have not tested every tagger on the market, we are confident our product will work with your gear.  

The team based bunkers allow you to add up to two colors and still be a blackout bunker.  The face of the bunker is colored and the remaining 3 sides blackout which enables the bunker to block out Class 1 Laser or IR signals.  Our stock colors are blue and black.  Any other color will add a small charge to each bunker.  Colors available are orange, hunter green, navy blue, white, purple, red, yellow.  

These bunkers can also be used in all the traditional Vortex markest such as Paintball, Nerf Tag, Gel Blaster, Gellyball, Gel Strike, Reballs, Archery Tag, Stand Alone Barriers, Halloween Event Barriers (You can paint them).  

Each of our bunker sets has been developed primarily with the laser tag operator in mind.  Individual pieces can be ordered with blackout material, however, no discounts will be extended for non-set pieces.  All add on pieces will remain at regular price.  

If you are financing, check out with the web site.  Otherwise, give us a call and we will custom tailor your quote.  Shipping will be added as actual at the time of shipment.  Typical lead times are 30 to 45 days.

>This set includes 15 complete bunkers including bunker skin, fan box, battery and chargers.  This smaller set is designed for smaller startup or small mobile operators. This is the ultimate mobile operators set with optional Vortex Stax, an integrated weight system that allows you to set up on multiple surfaces.  No external staking necessary.  Gym floors, tile, ashphalt, concrete, tennis courts, turf, grass and more.   
  • 3 Small Jumbo Bricks 8' x 6'. (One all black for a neutral color center bunker, two faced in team colors).
  • 6 Large Bricks 5' x 5'. Choose your colors for 2 teams for example, Blue on two and Orange on two.
  • 6 Small Temples 5' x 5' at the base.  Choose your colors for 2 teams for example, Blue on two and Orange on two.   
  • Optional Vortex Stax weight system.
  • Optional Remote System.  
  • Stock color is Royal Blue and Black.
  • Color options subject to availability are Orange, Red, Hunter Green, Purple

Features Benefits
Self Inflating As soon as the battery is connected you can walk away from the bunker. Average 5 man set up is 12 minutes for 2 people.
Fabric Bunker No more worrying about keeping bunkers inflated. Our bunkers do not deflate if there are small holes. Allowing you to patch when convenient for you. No more sagging bunkers. We push 190 cubic feet of air through the bunker per minute.
Paintballs do not break often. Watch the video. Paintballs break less reducing clean up and keeping your field looking clean all day. Less mess, more players wanting to play on them.
Machine Washable Remove the fan box and your bunker can be machine washed when necessary. **don't wash too often as each wash will reduce the life of the bunker similar to washing blue jeans. ** We recommend only when heavily soiled.
Less Paint on the bunkers. Allows referees to concentrate on reffing the player rather than looking for paint from the bunker on the player. (bunker rub)
Optional Remote Control Add a remote to your bunker and just push a button to turn on or off your bunkers. Lengthen battery time and wear. Use your field for private groups, using more paint in a quicker amount of time.
Skin Only Option When shells wear out you can buy less expensive skins or skin variations for your field. No need to buy additional fan boxes.
Light weight and Mobile 25 bunkers can be rolled and held in 1 x 45 gallon tote from Walmart. Not including fan boxes and batteries.
IR and Class 1 Signal Blocking Enhanced player experience and more reliable scoring.
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