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Vballs 2500 Quantity


Easy set-up, easy break down, balls bounce off rather than break in almost every case...makes reffing a breeze as rub becomes a none issue, they break down and easily fit into totes...all in all, great stuff, they pay for themselves in hours saved washing bunkers...
Randall N. Fruzza II


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Vballs are re-usable ABS ballistic with velcro exterior. They have the same flight characteristics as paintballs but leave no mess. Vballs work in all .68 caliber paintball guns. This is the bulk buy ammo solution.

>Sticks fast in all environmental conditions.

>Great practice for players.

>Cleans the barrel of residue and oil.

>Available in 6 fluorescent colors.

>Near indefinite shelf life.

MSRP Price is $299.00

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